Cerberus is a 10 man progression guild.  We work hard at pushing through new content and always look for more players to join our efforts.  Raiding schedules are 3 weekly 10 man teams.  Two of them is Tuesday-Thursday 7pm-10pm.  The third is Tuesday-Thursday 10pm-onward.  We also have more raids throughout the weekend with alt runs for those who can't make it during the week, with busy schedules, but still want to get some progression in.  Everyone is really helpfull and willing to work together to better each others skills for those willing to take advice.  Our vent is one of the only around that has it's own music channels which guildies can chill in enjoying various genres of music.  If you would like to be a part of our ongoing success feel free to apply here.
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Boss Strats
FATBOSS - Sha of Fear 10 Man Normal
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